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AISB Alumni Network World Mag

A Special Edition - Romanian Centenary 1st of December 2018

Celebrating 100 Years of Romania - 1st of December 2018

Kirsten Pontius - Celebrating Success

Greetings from an AISB newbie, mother, spouse, avid traveler, yogi and wellness enthusiast. My family and I arrived in Bucharest just over one year ago from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, as a family of three.

Looking Back on a Country Changing, a School Persisting

The story begins in the city that used to be known as the Little Paris of Eastern Europe - Bucharest, Romania – one of the most attractive Eastern European destinations prior to the Second World War.

Andrei Timofte Interview

A native of Romania, Andrei currently resides in the dynamic and energetic city of Cluj where he is contributing to the development of the city and creating new places for the community to enjoy.

Alex Cristescu - A once in a century MILESTONE

We live in the best period of humankind and we can only be grateful and cherish what we have if we acknowledge and celebrate relationships such as the one between Romania and AISB.

Fabiana Pezzoni - When your kids say “Back home in Romania”

I think it’s in my blood. I have never been doubtful or scared of moving to a different place (five so far) and I have always made it my home.

San Francisco 3rd of February 2019 Announcement

Join us for the AISB Alumni Reunion at the Rosa Mexicano restaurant in San Francisco

Dr. Robert Brindley - Director's Message

The unification of Romania, in 1918 was a key moment in the history of this great country, with such a proud past and dynamic future.

Nicholas N. Bouri Interview

The Next Generation: From Running a 4th Generation Family Business to Being an Entrepreneur

Andrei Dobrescu - Artificial Intelligence research

Artificial Intelligence researcher Andrei Dobrescu - Class of 2009

Ruxi Micsunescu Interview

Starting your own business in advertising, marketing and PR.

Patricia Khalil - Editor's Message

Message from the WM Summer 2018 editor

Alex Cristescu - Adding value to our Community

Thank you to the 2016-2018 Alumni Association Executive Team

Ioana Tulea - Equestrian - Class of 2018

By Ioana Tulea, AISB Graduate of the Class of 2018, Equestrian

Peter Welch - Future Director of AISB

A Q&A with AISB’s Future Director, Peter Welch

Abigail Rupp - Letter from Board of Trustees

Message from the AISB Board Chairperson

Interview with Peter Achim

AISB Alumnus, Class of 2014

Interview with Petru Calinescu

Petru graduated from AISB in 2005 and pursued a musical degree at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in the UK. He later returned to Romania to follow his artistic career.

Interview with Ariel & Anissa Dominguez

Sisters Ariel and Anissa Dominguez attended AISB between 2001 and 2006 and both ended up pursuing musical careers. Read about their passions in the interview below.

Interview with George Peltecu

George graduated from AISB in 2007 and pursued a nance degree in the US, later working in Boston and Bucharest in between MBA studies.

Interview with Dr. Regine Muradian

AISB Alumna, Class of 1996

SpaceX Interview with Justin Winston

Justin attended AISB between 2002-2004 as a freshman and sophomore in high school. He is now an engineer for SpaceX and is based in Los Angeles, USA.

Interview with Sebastian Vladescu

AISB Alumnus, Class of 2006

Interview with Vik & Jan

Vik & Jan graduated in 2008. They partnered with Zoran Savic to run Fish House together this year and have seen tremendous growth. We catch up with them six months later to chat about their progress.

Interview with Dr. Oana Taban

AISB Parent and founder of DENT ESTET

Step into the Extraordinary

The campaign for AISB's Design & Engineering Center

AISB Alumni Career Networking Day with Grade 10 Students

Bringing value to AISB Grade 10 students.

Interview with Nathalie Notarianni

AISB Alumna, Class of 2013

Interview with Andrei Harnagea

AISB Alumnus, Class of 2007

Interview with Vik Salic & Jan van Groningen

Vik Salic and Jan van Groningen both graduated from AISB in 2008. They have now joined forces to pursue a new project: Fish House. Find out more in this interview!

Interview with Rod Lamirand

AISB Teacher 2008 - 2011 - “We ew to a job fair where the American School of Bucharest won out over three other schools and we signed up for what would be the best teaching experiences of our lives.”

Interview with Eduardo Yrezabal

Representative in Romania of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

TWO AISB GRADS Spread Flavour at Events Around the Country

You might know them from class or from the cafeteria, but here’s the story behind the story.

Service Learning Programs at AISB

Compiled by Catalina Gardescu Manager of Admissions & External Relations with Margritha Hofman, AISB Service Learning & IBDP CAS Coordinator and Janice Myles, AISB Service Learning Coordinator, PYP

AISB Alumni Reunion 2016 Bucharest

Annual General Meeting 2016, LacertA Winery 434, Fințești, RO-127392, Buzau County Tel: +40 37 860 02 44 o

Shaping the Balanced Learner

“It is not enough to understand, or to see clearly. The future will be shaped in the arena of human activity, by those willing to commit their minds and their bodies to the task.” Robert Kennedy

Remembering the Sri Lanka Tsunami

History through the eyes of those who lived it, First hand accounts & testimonials.

Interview with Andrei Roșu

“I am running while I am talking to you, I took my son to club training and I always have my gear with me, so I thought why not run"

2016-2018 Alumni Association Executive Committee & Delegates

2016-2018 Alumni Association Executive Committee and Delegates Worldwide

Family by Oddny Bakke

Families prepare their children for life by teaching and setting the foundation of values, morals and problem solving skills that will help them negotiate the rest of their lives on their own.

A new year, A new page

A new Alumni Team

The Nicholsons

Members of the Vampire family from 2002 – 2006

A walk down Memory Lane...

AISB Alumnus / Attended 2000-2004

Interview with Ghassan Awdi

AISB Alumnus / Attended between 1999-2009

Interview with Sergio Zaciu

Sergio began his studies at AISB in Kindergarten, at a mere 5 years old back in 1999, growing with his AISB family and graduating in 2012.

Vampires Boys Football win at Berlin

Varsity Boys Football Team Win the Berlin International Friendly Tournament

AISB PTO Annual Auction Gala

On March 28th, 2015 the Radisson Blu Hotel, situated in the center of Bucharest, opened its doors to an evening to remember - the AISB PTO Annual Auction Gala.

AISB Alumni Reunion 2015 London

How do we organise a Reunion?

Creating Peer Networks

AISB Alumna / Class of 2010

Interview with Irina Sofia Luca

“Medicine gives you the chance to experience life at its extremes and makes you appreciate how important health and life are". Irina Sofia Luca Class of 2007



Interview with Alex Wallar

“It is important to be interested in what you would like to succeed in. You must be interested in the road that leads you to your goal.”

Interview with Jurgen Strohmayer

I’m not sure if the word career might be the right way to look at it. For me that sounds very strict and linear while I think the society we live in is fluid and constantly changing.

A match made at AISB

Alex&Maria Dobre, Dragos&Cristina Panait, John O'Brien & Rosella Diliberto, Alex & Jessica Wallar

AISB Alumni Profil - Lynn Wells

A profile about Lynn Wells by Catalina Gardescu

Interview with Cheney Wells

Spending time with people who are different from you is such a valuable experience.

Interview with Radu Florescu

I am happy to say that I consider myself an alumnus of the American International School. I sometimes think back to 1968 when I attended as a 7-year old.

The Art of Traveling by Lara Pedrini

My father (who one year had taken over 220 flights) always told me that traveling extensively and staying in 5-star hotels while being treated like royalty by local hosts wasn’t what it seemed to be.

The Edge of Adulthood by Kelli Cabell

“I’m not a girl, not yet a woman.” – Britney Spears

Interview with Simona Popescu

Sports management as a career

WORLD News - Alumni Life

News from around the world

Interview with Scott Hibbard

Being a part of a sport or activity helps students learn how to be responsible, how to manage their time, how to organize themselves, and they also learn how to cooperate.

Interview with Vicky Paun

Working in schools.

Interview with Valeria Răcilă van Groningen

Valeria Răcilă van Groningen is a Romanian competition rower and Olympic champion.

Class of 2014

Congratulations to this year’s class of 2014.

The Terry Fox Run 2013

"The running I will do, even if I have to crawl every last mile."

Messages from Delegates

Messages from our Delegates, Ruxi Micsunescu and Alex Cristescu

Fred Bournas Interview

Fred Bournas was a teacher at AISB

Oana Toma Interview

About hospitality

Hope a future for Sebi

My name is Sebastian- Nicholas and I am 6 years old. I was born on the 3rd of August 2007 at the University Hospital in Bucharest.

AISB Matters

What does Accreditation mean to you?

Interview with Maria & Alex Dobre

AISB Alumn Class of 2004

Founding of the AISB Alumni Association

Alumni Reunion, AISB 50th Anniversary

Iolanda Covaci Romanian Actress

"The advantage of the AISB educational system is that it is very real life oriented."

Interview with Bogdan Ciobanu

After graduating High School at AISB, I completed my undergrad degree at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) in Philadelphia where I majored in Finance and Management.

Interview with Catherine Owen

Throw yourself in to every new experience possible, you won't regret it!

Interview Susan Canobie

I hope your lives are full of grace, generosity and compassion and I hope the world treats you similarly. If not, get out of there and change your situation.

Stay With Me! by Nora Kirkham

Nora Kirkham Class of 2012

Interview with Suha Yenigul

I am in Bucharest but I travel a lot throughout the Balkans to keep up with our clients and explore potential new clients.

Interview with Mohammed Mirza

I would like to tell all AISB students to become sponges and soak as much as they can from the surroundings they are in as that will be the most important pillar in their lives for the future.

Interview Chris Muller - AISB Secondary School Principal 1996-2002

To those who I was fortunate to work with, you have made my life a fulfilled series of adventures and learning experiences for which I am thankful.

Exemplary IB Profile - Diane Kendrick

Every child that passed through kindergarten would be guided by Diane towards fair play and appropriate behaviour in the classroom, the playground and in all their social encounters.

The interview with Petru Calinescu

As a musician, you don’t “go to work”. You are the work. The instrument is within you, and so it feels much more personal when people criticise you.

Interview with Nameerah Hameed

Model United Nations can have a great impact one the career one selects.

New & Old

How about some news from around the world.

AISB Alumni Reunions

There are 50 nationalities currently repre- sented in the school and we are constantly add- ing new constituents to our community.

Where in the World is AISB?

This new publication is designed to not only capture what’s happening today on the AISB campus but what’s happening in the lives of AISB Alumni around the world.

You are going to study WHAT?

Understanding the Liberal Arts

Launch of the Magazine

Launching the AISB WORLD ALUMNI Magazine