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News from Alumni 2013

News from various Alumni
WORLD Magazine News 2013
WORLD Magazine News 2013

Cristina Sassu
[Class of 1999]

I currently work at AISB and this year I am organizing two major fund-raising events this spring: 4th Annual AISB Charity Fashion Show and Fur-ball Fundraiser for BARKS.

Suha Yenigul 
[Class of 2002]

The most important achievement this year was helping save a 6 year-old little girl’s life by supporting her in her ght against cancer. After a successful surgery, Sera m and I are now raising funds for the little girl’s treatment.  

Maria Madalina Antip
[Class of 2008] 

I just moved from Austria to Paris to work for a leading NGO as a Policy Analyst in Communications and Public A airs. It is my dream job so far and I am really excited to meet people and attend conferences at the OECD. 

Susan Canobie
[Faculty Alumni]

I just accepted the position of Secondary School Principal at the American International School of kingston, Jamaica. The position will begin in August. 

Petru Calinescu
[Class of 2006]

I am currently working with my band “Green Tea” on
the debut album. Also, I reached this year’s Eurovision semi nals with my own composition, sang by Maximilian Muntean.

Matei Lucescu 
[Class of 2012] 

I am studying Business Administration in the Netherlands and I am proud to announce that Romanians are the 5th minority at Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

Thomas Brown

After I completed an enlistment in the Marine Corps, I was accepted to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis MD. I graduate next year, and will be commissioned as an ensign in the US Navy. After that i have orders down to Pensacola FL for ight school. Real Top Gun type sh*t. 

Diana Radu

I am currently enjoying my gap year before embarking on a full-time job. This is my time to go wild. 

Raluca Savanciuc 
[Class of 2009] 

I am half way done with my masters at LSE, I only have 3 more weeks of term and then exams and my dissertation to do over summer. I will be starting my job at AlphaSights, a nancial consulting/broking rm, in mid September. 

Victorita Paun 
[Class of 2005] 

Almost a year ago I discovered my true calling: teaching. Today i am proud to say that I am working as a kindergarten teacher at Little London Nursery School. I am learning a lot everyday and loving every minute of it. My speech and debate coach in college predicted a career in teaching for me in 5 years after graduation...but i didn’t believe i am only 4 years after graduation ful lling his prophecy...I guess teachers have an eye for teaching talents. 

Nora Douedari 
[Class of 2008] 

I am studying dentistry right now and I’ll be getting my doctorate’s degree from Carol Davila in 2 years. Hoping to go to New York afterwards to get a dental specialty in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. 

George Mucibabici 
[Class of 2006] 

Since graduating magna cum laude with a BBA from The George Washington University in 2010, I’ve been living and working in Arlington, Virginia, United States, as an Associate in mergers and acquisitions for Seale and Associates, Inc., a global middle-market investment-banking firm. I get to visit Romania when on vacation to enjoy seeing family and old friends. I miss the environment and memories of high school and AISB. It was fun! 

Robert Serafim

I’m graduating with a 3.8 GPA and I just signed with Dalton State. I was o ered a 85% scholarship for tennis. 

Mircea Vulpe 
[Class of 2006] 

After nishing my Masters Degree at LSE, I have started my PhD in Political Science at the University of Bucharest. 

Catherine Kyritsi-Morales 
[Class of 2006] 

I’ve been working and co- producing two movies which has kept me super busy. The rest one is She’s With Me written and directed by Stephen Langford (who used to write for Family Matters) and the second one is called Club Dead directed by Paul Rocha. At the moment I am also working on a promo video that is for the sole purpose of getting investors to make the actual movie, which is directed by Tommy Lee Wallace who is a horror movie director legend. I have been involved the Monaco charity lm festival for the last 2 years. This year I am the president’s executive assistant and will be attending the festival which is a week before Cannes Festival. 

Andrada Petcu 
[Class of 2009] 

I have graduated from BSc Human Genetics this September and decided to move onto a masters degree in International Health Management at Imperial College Business School, which allows me to get a real insight into the challenges faced by healthcare today. I was very lucky to be a part of AISB: warm yet challenging and diverse, a school that really prepared me for the future and shaped me to become a balanced individual. 

Alena Tatum 
[Class of 2006] 

After I graduated from Florida State University in May 2009, I was the billing manager for a small o ce for about two years. I decided to go back to school and am now about half way into my MBA program at George Mason University. 

Alex Cristescu 
[Class of 2009] 

After graduating from AISB in 2009, I was accepted at Queen Mary, University of London Law School in a 4 year course of English and European Law. As part of my course I studied my 3rd year in Belgium, at the katholieke Universiteit Leuven (focused on European and International Law). This is my last year of university in London. I will return back to Romania as soon as I nish, where I plan to take the Bar Exam and qualify as a lawyer. 

LJ Brown 
[Class of 2005] 

I am still in the US Army and currently living in Hawaii. I am also pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Diplomacy and Military Studies from Hawaii Pacific University. 


Jessica Kendrick 
[Class of 2011] 

I am studying nursing in Edinburgh and enjoying it. 

Alex Martin 

It’s been nearly 7 years since I left Romania but AISB and Bucharest are still where I spent most of my child hood and very close to my heart Right now I’m a second year Life Sciences major at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. In my free time I’m acting in and directing plays and I just helped organize a student mental health conference in Toronto! I recently visited another AISB alum, Jessica Kendrick, as we’re still close friends after all this time. Hope part of this info is of interest to you! 

Andrei Enoiu 

I just returned from the US to Romania after working at a production and distribution company in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. I currently started script consulting in Romania. I am working on two movies. 

Flavius Junior 

I’m studying law at Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest and hopefully will become a lawyer in a few years. During the summer I am looking forward to getting an internship at a law rm. 

Becca Achim 
[Class of 2010] 

After I graduated from AISB, in 2010, I applied for dentistry at UMF Carol Davila Bucharest. I am currently in the 3rd year of university and have 3 more to go. In my spare time (which is little) I volunteer at an organization focused on helping students develop professional, social/emotional and spiritual. 

Eitan Iahr 
[Class of 2002] 

I’m living in Israel, working for a genealogy social network called MyHeritage. It’s nice to see though that you and others from the alumni association are taking the initiative to organize a bunch of things. 


Gus Park 
[Class of 2002] 

After graduating from AISB in 2002, I went to Cornell University to study Economics and International Relations. These two schools provided me with exposure to empowering information and relationships that opened doors to phenomenal opportunities, which enabled me to tap into my highest potential. I am currently an Assistant VP at a reinsurance brokerage rm in New York City called Willis Re Inc. I married an amazing woman last year and we just had a beautiful child six weeks ago. 

Yuri Han ​​​​​​​

I am working as a researcher at the Federation of korean Industries (FkI). Recently I started working in the international cooperation team where we support OECD/BIAC and G20/B20. So this year I visit Paris on March, April and May for OECD meeting and St. Petersburg for G20/B20. 

Thomas Wesson ​​​​​​​

I have been pursuing an acting career in New York City and have had great success with leading roles in indie feature lms, commercials and music videos. I am fortunate enough with my work to not need a survival job. I am booking better and better work, so hopefully you’ll all be seeing me in mainstream movies soon. I also write movies; I recently completed a full- length historical biopic on the life of Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson. It’s making the rounds in the industry and hopefully we’ll go into production soon (with yours truly acting in it too!). Much love from New York! 

Nicholas Nabil Bouri II 
[Class of 2002] 

In 2012, Finished a graduate certi cate in Financial Management from Cornell University and in 2013 started Courses online at Harvard with hopes of pursuing a Masters in Business Management with a concentration in Finance. I currently live in Romania and I am a member of the Rogbc (Romanian Green Building Council) and founding member of American Football and the Bucharest Warriors Club ( I am ravelling a lot and meeting new and interesting people everyday. I am also managing the family’s Real Estate Development Company and Aggregates Company, as we continue to invest in Romania. 

Firas Bayazid 

I am currently performing business transactions between South Smerica and Libya. I work as a commercial manager for ABUSDERA GROUP with main headquarters in British Virgin Islands. My main residence location is in Beirut, Lebanon. Recently engaged and inviting you all for my wedding in December, in Beirut!!! 

Alex Wallar 

I am studying Computer Science at St Andrews. It is truly a pleasure to be around international students that had similar experiences as I did in AISB. 

Megan Mix ​​​​​​​

I am currently living in Boston, Massachusetts. I am an account executive at a public relations rm in Boston. In May 2013, I will be graduating with a Master’s of Arts (M.A.) degree in Health Communication from Emerson College in collaboration with Tufts University School of Medicine. 

Philippe Werner 

[Class of 2007] 

I chose to combine the things I enjoy in life which are music and going out, so I decided to set up my own business. I started to book upcoming DJs in the clubs when lived in Malaysia and London. I then moved back to the Netherlands where I started organising events for students from the international schools. While doing this I got in touch with more DJs/artist managers and booking agencies. I then started to travel Europe and arranged meetings with club owners, o ering them artists and/or concepts that I created. After a lot of persistence I was able to organise events and book artists for various nightclubs in Amsterdam, Madrid, Marbella, Zurich, Bucharest, Cluj, London, Los Angeles, Scottsdale and San Francisco. I recently got back from being in Los Angeles for one month where I had an event in a club in Hollywood, Los Angeles and in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was great experience being in Los Angeles and adapting to the American way of business - which is totally di erent to our European ways. The next half year I will be travelling a lot to Romania, Uk, Spain and starting business in Singapore, Hong kong and China this coming fall. 

Mina Khattak 
[Class of 2009] 

I am currently attending the National University of Singapore after an exchange semester abroad in the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Yana Kouvaeva 

I live in Maryland, USA. I have two kids, Calvin 9 and Felix almost 2. I am nishing up my student teaching for my Secondary Education Masters Program. 

Akshay Bhasin 
[Class of 2012] 

Since I’ve only been away from AISB for less than a year, I am enjoying my time in Rochester in Upstate NY, despite the cold weather.
I’m enjoying my prospects in maybe advertising, PR, marketing and perhaps lm, and the US is treating me well! Of course, I do miss AISB and all the memories it brought me. 

Mohamed Safwat ​​​​​​​

On the professional level I am Project Manager at Orange Business Services in Cairo, Egypt. On the personal level, I have 2 boys, a 5-year old and a 2-year old. I also play keyboards for two local hard rock bands in Cairo. 

Nora Kirkham 
[Class of 2012] 

I am enjoying studying History and International A airs at Gordon College and have been involved in Model United Nations, as I was at AISB; attending the Harvard Model UN conference in Boston. 

Bana Karim ​​​​​​​
[Class of 2012] 

Moving away from Romania was a real di cult thing to do as I’ve lived there almost all my life. It’s a new chapter of my life and as much as I miss Bucharest, I have adapted to life in London. I’ve met extraordinary people here and love the course I’m taking at university. I’m thankful I took the IB as it has helped a lot with my studies! 

Dorothea Cristiana Achim 
[Class of 2009] 

I am in my forth and nal year at University of Dundee. I will be graduating with a MA in International Business and Finance. I am excited about the new opportunities that I will face once I graduate. I just got engaged last month to my boyfriend of 3 years and I am really excited about this new chapter in my life. 

Andrei Gaita ​​​​​​​
[Class of 2009] 

I am currently nishing my nal year at City University in London and looking forward to getting an undergraduate diploma in BSc (Hons) Business Computing Systems. 

Tom Shai ​​​​​​​

I recently travelled South America for 7-8 months. After the infantry, came back to Israel and I am starting university in October. 

Niccolo Ficarelli 

I now study engineering with management and entrepreneurship at City University in London. My family has now moved to Uganda, which is pretty cool because I go there when I have holidays and have nice sunny African vacations. 

Simona Ritter 
[Class of 1998] 

After graduating AISB in 1998, I am now in Romania after living in Dubai for the past 5 years. Came back through work, I met my life partner and I have recently delivered my second child. 

Nameerah Hameed ​​​​​​​

[Class of 2007] 

I studied Development Studies and Economics in undergrad in Pakistan, worked in British Council in Islamabad for a year, and I am now attending the Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), in Bologna, Italy. I currently serve as the Vice-President on the Student Government Association and am looking forward to my second year of Masters in Washington DC. 

Jesper Jensen ​​​​​​​

After attending AISB I moved to Denmark and studied in a Danish High School in Ringsted were I graduated in 2009. I am currently working as a Financial Bookkeeper for the Social Committee of the Copenhagen Municipality. My future plans are to study BSc in Economics and Business Administration at Copenhagen Business School from September 2013 and after that hopefully a MSc in Economics and Business Administration. 

Gregor Marković ​​​​​​​

[Class of 2001] 

I’m currently an ICT teacher in Belgrade, working in three International Schools, teaching the Cambridge International Curriculum to kids of various nationalities - just like one of which I used to be, many years ago in ASB. I saw that the last teacher who taught me way back then was recently retired - Mrs Suma. kudos to her for being a great teacher, and surviving us all! 

Josh Hakkenberg 
[Class of 2001] 

I am married to a wonderful woman from Canada with a beautiful 9 month old baby girl named Emily. I am currently a Branch Manager of a Canadian retail bank near Toronto. Graduated in 2001 and I have kept in touch infrequently with several friends but not many! 

Nour Jabra 

I founded a tech startup aimed at giving exposure and compensation to artists in the Middle East. My startup has gone international
and received thousands in investments from all around the world. You can see more at 

Mimi Al-Hassan 

After leaving Romania in 1986, I settled in Virginia, USA . I have three beautiful kids and am helping care for my sick mother, while managing a full time job as a management consultant. My years at AISB hold some of my fondest memories. 

Dina Safwat ​​​​​​​


It is so good to hear from AISB. When I was there it was just ASB. I am almost done with my masters in Economics in International Development, at the American University in Cairo. After working for years in development am currently in the process of shifting my career to economic development. 

Nele Schuldt 

[Class of 2012] 

I am now enjoying my gap year by travelling. My base is in Hamburg, Germany. In the autumn I am looking forward to start my studies at the University of Essex where I will be studying Human Rights Law. 

Sacha Barbui ​​​​​​​
[Class of 1989] 

I graduated 8th grade in 1989. Mrs. Suma best teacher in the world!! I married a Turkish girl a year and a half ago that I had met in Bucharest in that period. Living in Udine (north east Italy, an hour from Venice) where I have a building managing company. I am still in contact with friends from ASB. Will meet up with some this year. 

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