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News from THE BITE Student Newspaper

The Bite Student Newspaper
The Bite Student Newspaper


If you think Shakespeare is boring, the AISB HS Theater Department proved every audience member wrong, when eight high school cast members performed the easiest and funniest summaries of Shakespeare that you will ever find: “The Complete Works of Shakespeare in 90 minutes.” 

“People are going to look at Shakespeare in a different light, and see the humor involved in even the serious plots.” – Play Director, Kathleen Caster 

The title, “The Complete Works of Shakespeare in 90 Minutes,” is practically self-explanatory; it’s a fast-paced collection of highlights from all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays. It was performed by eight actors, which made it particularly special. Because there are so few people, each [person] played multiple characters throughout the performance. 



Tea D. 

The 10th grade Textile students “yarn bombed” the covered pathway between the cafeteria and secondary school. 

“Yarn bombing is a type of graffiti or street art that employs colorful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn rather than paint,” explains Design Textile Teacher, Ms. Jann Brindley. She says the purpose of this project is to “surprise and delight” the AISB community. 

The individual yarn designs were pitched by the students, and presented to Dr. Robert Brindley, Ms. Dawn Kovacs (the PTO President), and Mr. Erik Peterson (design teacher), who then selected the final concept. 



Gaya M. 

Teenagers love taking photos everywhere. Our camera rolls are filled with hundreds of pictures that consist of selfies, portraits and landscape captures. 

However, out of all the hundreds of photographs, only a number are acceptable to upload to our Instagram pages. 

Pasajul Victoria- Umbrella Alley 

In the center of Bucharest there is an alley that has dozens of colorful umbrellas hanging two meters above your head. It is a very colorful scene that is the ideal place to pose underneath. It is located near a pizza restaurant called ‘Pizzeria Colosseum,’ so after posing and capturing a picture for Instagram you can treat yourself to a slice. 

Location: Calea Victoriei, nr. 48- 50 (Pasaj Victoria), București 

Flower Graffiti- Arthur Verona 

Arthur Verona is a street filled with colorful graffiti creations like walls full of flowers, comic snippets, cartoon-like characters, dead rats and realistic figures. It is a wonderful place to take many creative pictures in different graffiti scenes all in the same street. 

Every mural is so different that there must be one for every passerby to admire and pose next to. 

Location: Strada Pictor Arthur Verona, București 030167 


Herastrau Lake 

Going to the park is an amazing activity in the spring for riding your bike, taking a walk or just hanging out with friends, so pulling out your phone for a picture could take seconds and will end up gorgeous any time of day. 

Herastrau Park is one of Romania’s largest parks; however, the gem is the lake. It is an all-day reflector for its surrounding. 

Although the lake is 187 hectares and has so many perspectives, the best spot is next to the restaurants, sitting on the lake near the Chinese Embassy. 

Location: Parc Herastrau, Sector 1, Bucharest, București 014192 


George Enescu 

National Museum 

This art nouveau entrance is extremely eye-catching and historic for one’s Instagram page. It was built in 1901 until 1903 by Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino, Romania’s former prime minister and designed by the architect Ioan D. Berindei. 

It is a museum dedicated to Romania’s most famous musician, George Enescu. This building has historic architecture that is temping for photos. While you’re there, you should also explore the works of the musician and discover the life of Romania’s most successful musician. 

Location: Calea Victoriei 141, București 


CEC Palace 

CEC Palace is one of the most popular pictures tagged with #Discoverbucharest. It is a beautiful, historic building with glass rooftops and brick details that was built in 1900. 

Standing in front or beside this enormous bank gives the shot a stunning historic backdrop. It is placed in the center of Bucharest and is a perfect stop for taking photos and going out to eat or exploring the city more. 

Location: Calea Victoriei 13, București



David S. 

The AISB CEESA High School Speech and Debate team traveled to Baku, Azerbaijan to pursue medals and experiences on the 1st of February. When they came back, they brought trophies and unforgettable memories. 

Although Speech and Debate competitions require a lot of work and energy, it is definitely worth joining it. The experiences you go through and the different public speaking skills learned are valuable to know and will help you in the future. 

“It [Speech and Debate] allows people to speak [publicly] which is such an important skill and also teaches people about world issues and problems which is good to know,” says 3rd place debater Mominah I. 

All of the three days in Azerbaijan consisted of a mix of emotions, interesting experiences, and many lessons learned. Thank you, Baku (and all you had to offer), for the great experience, and a huge thank you to Ms. Cristina Cuzuc and Ms. Meagan Matthews for making these few extraordinary days a reality. 



Alex T 

When you hear the words “Japanese food,” what exactly comes to mind? Chances are your answer is sushi. 

It’s undoubtedly Japan’s most iconic dish, and for good reason. But Japanese food is so much more than raw fish and hand rolls. There’s yakatori (delicious skewered chicken), udon (thick noodles in savory broth), soba (thin buckwheat noodles), ramen noodles, pickled vegetables, chicken cooked in teriyaki sauce and a variety of other dishes. Luckily, this traditional, home-style food is available at Dorobanti restaurant YUKI. Owner Ichiro Yuki opened the restaurant in 2015, and was nice enough to answer some of our questions before we sat down to eat. Here’s what he had to say: 

Q: What inspired you to open this restaurant? 

A: “I wanted the city of Bucharest to have, and enjoy, an authentic Japanese restaurant that would truly represent our Japanese culture in all aspects – food, service and atmosphere.” 

Q: What do you think makes your food different/special compared other Japanese restaurants in Bucharest? 

A: “I understand that sushi is an exotic and catchy type of food for people from outside Japan. But, sushi is NOT everyday food for most Japanese people. YUKI only serves Japanese home dishes that parents prepare for family. It also means that the majority of Japanese restaurants in Japan serve something similar to ours. For your information, only 5% of all restaurants in Tokyo are sushi restaurants. We also cook traditional ingredients with natural (non-chemical) condiments in traditional, slow methods. This is in fact is very rare with Japanese restaurants outside [of] Japan and also becoming rare in Japan lately unfortunately.” 

To sum up the experience here at YUKI, it was a great journey! Not only was the food wonderful and uniquely authentic, but the staff was also respectful and polite. 

Bite Rating: 5/5 




Toyosi A. 

Starting from scratch is never easy. In the beginning, all we had was a teacher, a group of high school students, and the mere abstraction of a school newspaper without a logo or even a name. And so, that’s the step that kick-started The Bite’s creation: designing and brainstorming the newspaper’s trademark through a series of workshops. 

Sophia N., the current Multimedia Manager for The Bite, also happened to be the student who designed the winning logo. 

“It felt great, and I was happy to contribute to the website,” Sophia says. “There were many other amazing logos and names made by other students, which makes me proud that my logo was chosen out of all of the options.” 

Some of the runner-ups were AISB’s Blood Type, Silent Types, and even The Talking Dead; but in the end, it was Sophia’s short yet catchy name that won the votes and hearts of secondary students. 

“What I love about the design is that it is fairly simple, but the B in ‘Bite’ is fun and interesting,” Sophia continues. 

Then came the hiring process. Few may actually remember this, but The Bite sent out an application form for 9th and 10th graders to become staff members on the Journalism team. Head of the program, Ms. Jennifer Stevens, who originally edited and posted all the content, decided that the site should be more student-led, and hired four students to retake the class as staff members second semester. 

Ninth grade Copy Editor Maya T. says, “I really liked helping out in this unseen kind of way. As a copy editor, I got to help the writers become happier with their work, and the readers were also happy because the content was easier to understand.” 

From then on, it was a combination of students writing stories and planning marketing projects for the website, and the work done behind-the-scenes by the staff members that made what The Bite is today. 


Read the entire edition of the WORLD Magazine Special Edition Winter 2018 here.

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