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Director's Message Summer 2015

Dr. Robert Brindley / Director of AISB
Dr. Robert Brindley / Director of AISB

The advancement of technology in the last forty years has been truly remarkable. How remarkable, time will tell, nevertheless, probably more signi cant than the industrial revolu- tion’s e ect on our civilisation, but less impactful, say, than the last ice age. That was challenging; it forced major changes to the lifestyle of the early hominids: they either adapted to their new environment, migrated, or perished. However, history’s view of us in forty years’ time, with regards to the impact of technology, will be quite di erent from our cur- rent perspectives.

So how do we step outside our- selves and try to analyze the in u- ence technology has on our lives? Experiencing and then understat- ing the slowly encroaching ice age would have been di cult for our ear- ly ancestors, but the ability to accept change and adapt was critical to their survival. Things are not quite so dire with regards to understanding the social in uence of iPhone usage, but technology is a ecting our lives and we need to understand what is happening, if we are not to strand ourselves in a sea of social ice.

Four decades ago I was writing my thesis at university on Radioactive Decay Ratios in the Uranium/Va- nadium Deposits of Triassic Sedi- ments; not everybody’s idea of fun, but something that absorbed a few months of my nal year at university. The analysis involved many math- ematical calculations; as there was only one calculator in the geology department, the size of a large brick, and just as heavy, I resorted to using a mechanical calculator, one with cogs and wheels. Now, compare that to an iPhone 6 or the latest calcula- tor our students use, the TI-nspire. My ability to compute was Nean- derthal compared to today’s capac- ity. The technological advances in the past forty years have been truly staggering; but with every great in- vention, there is also a downside.

I am saddened when I see so many people socialising only through the social network, and yet that world- wide connectivity opens political understanding and liberates opinion. I am rather dismayed at the slow- ness of our students’ mental math, but amazed at the power of the calculators they use. I am at a loss as to where the balance might be between a and b, but I am sure that there are key traits that I know all our students, and alumni will need, whatever the future might bring, in whatever vocation they might choose.

These characteristics are timeless and transcend what might be the latest technology, albeit the pencil (imagine how liberating that would have been to a student who was used to chalk and then a messy quill!) or a tablet, much like the un- derlying principles of our curricula.

The ten IB learner pro les of being knowledgeable, able to think and inquire, having good communication skills, being principled, open-mind- ed, caring, and a risk-taker, as well as appreciating a balanced and re- ective lifestyle, form the foundation to a successful life. And perhaps one extra, and the most important of all – tenacity.


Robert Brindley
AISB Director 


Director’s Blog 

“Much happens at AISB that goes unnoticed, or is very visible and is never commented upon. We send out regular newsletters, but often the day-to-day minor improvements get lost. Thus, in the months to come, this blog will give me an opportunity to communicate more detailed updates on the running of this school. I will regularly be posting updates and, whenever needed, in emergencies.” Dr. Robert Brindley 

AISB Director, Dr. Robert Brindley, started a blog this year to outline major happenings at AISB. This new communication tool is helping AISB paint a more accurate picture of what is happening at the school daily, as well as of strategic plans that are followed.

Please take a moment to visit the Director’s Blog to nd out what has been discussed thus far. We encourage you to share your thoughts; as AISB Alumni, and former constituents of the school, your views and ideas are highly valued.

“All posts will allow comments, and I encourage you to participate in the discussions at hand. To do so, click on the title of the blog post and scroll down to the end. All posts are monitored and only signed posts will be approved.”

Please follow the blog and stay in close touch with AISB and Dr. Robert Brindley. 

Read the entire WORLD Magazine Summer 2015 edition here. 


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