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Shaping the Balanced Learner

“It is not enough to understand, or to see clearly. The future will be shaped in the arena of human activity, by those willing to commit their minds and their bodies to the task.” Robert Kennedy
David Hughes
David Hughes

At AISB we believe that we must engage students fully thus we ensure that they are o ered a wide variety of opportunities to play sports, perform on stage in theater productions or music festivals, and compete in math, speech & debate and Model United Nations competitions to name but a few. We are fortunate enough to have an Athletics and Activities program that is wide and varied, and growing rapidly. This has come from students pushing to want to do more, an extremely supportive leadership team that support our program, and from the hard work and dedication of our sta members to coach and teach our students in their elds of specialty. The benefits of these activities on our students is truly immeasurable. Below is an outline of just some of the skills and bene ts I have seen our students develop.

One great bene t of students being involved in extracurricular activi- ties is that they will learn about time management and prioritizing things in their life. As adults, we get very used to juggling a variety of di er- ent tasks and commitments. Our students need to learn how to do this as well, and getting involved in these activities can give them some practice at it. 


Getting involved in extracurricular activities also allows students to get involved in new and diverse inter- ests. O ering a rich and varied pro- gram allows them to explore various interests that they may have.


Students learn about long term com- mitments when they are involved in extracurricular activities as well and this is another excellent bene t. When they join one of the activities or clubs, they commit themselves to that activity for a period of time.


Extracurricular activities allow our students to make a contribution to our community through representing the school teams or by performing in a musical festival or theater produc- tion. It shows that they are getting away from just thinking about them- selves and contributing to something bigger.


Being involved in extracurricular activities helps to raise the self-esteem of students. There are many teens around the world who feel worthless or who think that there is nothing they are good at. At this age, stu- dents can struggle with self-esteem, and these activities are a way that they can build a con dence in one’s ability to do something great for themselves and their teammates. Everyone wants to find something that they are really good at, and ex- tracurricular activities provide them with a way that they can get involved in something and really shine, giving their self-esteem a boost. 


Students have the benefit of building solid relationship skills when they get involved in extracurricular activities. Students need to get involved
in social activities and learn how to appropriately act in social situa- tions and these activities give them a chance outside of school to do this, while they are still being supervised by adults. A great example of this is the homestay program during our international tournaments, when students are welcomed into the houses of families from other schools. Learn- ing to be a house guest and building a relationship with opponents on the field is a wonderful experience o ered to our students. And these relationships last a long time. 



Yet another bene t of students getting involved in extracurricular activities is that it looks great on college applications. Most colleges not only look at grades, but they take a look at extracurricular activities that students are involved in while they are in high school. They want
to see that students are getting out there and doing more than just book work. The activities that students are involved in reveal a lot about them, and de nitely will say something to the college admissions committees.

It is truly an honor to work to develop the students at AISB, to see them grow and help them nd a passion that will hopefully stay with them far into their lives. 


Sport and activity is a vital part of student life here at AISB. Some of life’s most important lessons, such as victory and being part of a team, are learned through participation in athletics and activities. AISB takes great pride in offering one of the finest interscholastic athletic and activity programs to be found in Bucharest, and throughout Eastern Europe. 

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