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World Mag > WM Summer 2014 edition > Interview with Teo Balan

Interview with Teo Balan

AISB Alumnus / Class of 2009

WM: Why did you decide to become part of the Athletics department at AISB?


TB: Mr. Emanuel and I are still good friends. One day I went to see him and attend a practice. You know, run aroundand kick the ball a few times. At theend of the practice Mr. Emanuel offered me to be his second coach. Of course Iaccepted on the spot.

WM: What team do you coach?

TB: I coached the high school football varsity team.

WM: Tell us about a usual practice session?

TB: We start the practice with some running (a few km) and 10-15 min of stretching session. Afterwards we goover specific drills Mr. Ema and I hadagreed on from the previous week. Then, the session ends with some more running. Physical condition and strength are the most important in order to win a CEESA tournament.

WM: What were your educational goals with the students?

TB: As this was my first time ever playing the role of an educator I didn’t have aprecise goal going in. But as time went on I noticed that the kids were lookingup to me wanting to be inspired. The twomost important things I tried to teachthem were:

A. Be a nice and kind person regardless of the environment and the attitude other people have towards you.

B. Don’t slack. The regret you feel whenyou lose and you know you didn’t do your best cuts through your heart more than anything else.

WM: Do you feel like you connect differently with the students as alumnus?

TB: Do you see any advantages? I do feel like I connect differently with the studentsas an alumnus. Some of them evenremembered me. I noticed they looked at me not as much as an authority figurebut as a friend who’s good at football and came to help, which really made my job easier because the kids at that age take advice a lot more easier from their peers.

WM: What is the difference betweenbeing trained and training?

TB: It is a lot harder to lead than it is tofollow. People look up to you and expect you to have answers, so you really have to work on yourself in order to be able to come on the football field and be theperson you want your students to be.

WM: Do you see yourself continuing to be a coach at AISB?

Yes. It was a great first experience. But we only got 4th place. I can’t walk away now. Not before I get to hold in my handsa 1st place cup.

WM: Why is it important that students receive not only an academic education but a physical education as well?

TB: A man smarter than me once said: a healthy mind in a healthy body. Life isnice when your body feels good. I don’t know why. Don’t really care. It just is.

Plus it makes school a lot more enjoyable (or, to put it as a high school student, not that bad) knowing you get to play football in the afternoon.

WM: How do you see the alumni involvement in the future?

TB: The alumni need to have a continuous presence in the AISB life, it gives the kids a sense of being part of something special.

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