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World Mag > WM Summer 2013 edition > Interview with Sabrina Sotiriu

Interview with Sabrina Sotiriu

A career towards civil service.
Sabina Sotiriu Class of 2007
Sabina Sotiriu Class of 2007

WM: What have you been doing since AISB? (uni, work, where you live, status)

SS: Since leaving AISB I moved to Canada, returning to Bucharest every summer to see family, friends and at the same time do something useful on the side too. I have been studying political science since graduating from the IB, rst for my Bachelor's, next for my MA and nally at the moment for my PhD. I have tried complementing my studies with some practical experience, which has only convinced me that I landed in the right eld, going through internships in the Romanian Ministry of Foreign A airs, the Chamber of Deputees in the Romanian Parliament, the Romanian Embassy in Canada, being a Model UN delegate as well as organizer, and even Secretary General at several such simulations, and most recently in the Canadian Parliament where I am currently working part-time during my studies. That's quite a mouthful, I know. 

WM: What was the key moment (at AISB) in your life when you realized what you want to do/what career to pursue? Who or what in uenced you to become who and what you are today? Explain AISB's part of it. 

SS: I was unsure of what career I wanted to do until I nally went to Lisbon for the Iberian Model UN in my senior year, with Mrs. Murray, and
I felt such an adrenalin throughout the whole weekend, that I knew that my career would have to be fueled by this sentiment. My parents never guided me into one direction, but only advised that I nd something that I do with pleasure, and which doesn't feel like work, and that weekend I had nally felt like that for the rst time ever, and the feeling continues until the present day, having just left work, on a Friday at 6PM. I don't think I had one particular person that in uenced me to become who I am today, too many of my teachers have inspired me to nd my niche and blossom there, I guess. Corny, yes, I'm aware. 

WM: Tell us a "crazy" AISB memory and name 3 AISB "partners in crime" 

SS: Now that's a tought question to ask, not because I can't think of one crazy AISB memory because it's been 10 years since i started
my studies there (aka I'm not growing old or anything), but because any crazy memories that I can think of (as in, more than one), would probably become frowned upon by those that know, or remember be, who are still on campus. And I wouldn't want to spill other important, relate details, such as naming my partners in crime, for their sake, of course, I'm sure you understand. Let's just say that my crazy AISB memories would need a whole separate interview in and of themselves, categorized as: on campus, o campus, and abroad. 

WM: You have the chance to give advice to the current students. What would you say?

SS: I'm not sure if my advice to any of the current students will be taken seriously, nor if I would have taken seriously any of the advice I would have received when I was in their place, but I would say "dive right in, completely",
in that the AISB experience becomes most enjoyable when you put your whole heart into it, from the community service projects, to the sports teams, and nally, yes, even what you learn academically can become rewarding.

WM: What do you think the AA's priorities should be? What AA activities would you like to see happening or attend?

SS: I guess the priorities should be actively maintaining contact with other alumni through any and all avenues possible (social media,
the World Alumni Magazine, events, etc), and I guess a yearly Homecoming weekend would not hurt, as well as a 5 and/or 10 (or longer) year reunion for graduating classes (both from MS and HS, to encourage mingling). I know my graduating class had an informal 5-year reunion 2 years ago that I had missed by one weekend, because of my return from Canada. I think these would keep the Alumni Association busy enough throughout the year. 

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