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Dear Alumni,
Happy New Year! On behalf of the AISB, I would like to wish all of you a year filled with prosperity, good health and amazing adventures.
I am writing today about one of the exciting projects we have started at AISB: supporting our current and former students in obtaining internships. While we are working with the AISB students during classes to prepare them, nothing will make a difference without the support of companies, the likes of which many of you represent or work for.
The law regulating internships was passed by the Romanian Parliament, establishing the internships procedures for various age-groups (you can read more here, where you will find both, the Romanian and English version of the law).
This program:
- helps guide high school students towards the best university courses and career choices; 
- helps university students, undergraduates, as well as recent graduates to prepare to be better professionals for the companies they will work for and also hone their social and networking skills;
- is a great ally for companies and businesses to discover future talents and experts, strengthen their network and expand connections. 
At the suggestion of the AISB Alumni Association, the AISB Board of Trustees approved the internship initiative and you can now be a part of educating your future employees.  We are putting together an organizations/companies database willing to welcome interns that the Guidance Counselors can access students are looking for internships.  Get your name on this list now by contacting us at , make a difference in the life of a student and help your company grow. This initiative has started to be advertised in our means of communication to the AISB community, such as Monthly New letter, and other communications means such as this article at AISB BatSignal.

Thank you and hope to see you in this list.